World's endings



This project is an index of over four hundred works of fiction related to the theme of societal collapse. These works were sorted into thirteen categories according to their cause of collapse, and then ordered according to their supposed time of collapse, and their date of creation. From these data I have created a diagram, in which the works are represented by colored dots, each color representing one of the thirteen categories. The works are distributed more or less far from the center of the graph according to their date of collapse; and all around according to their date of creation, each radius representing a year.

The 13 causes

  • War
  • Virus
  • Pollution
  • Mutations of the living
  • Cosmic catastrophes
  • Industrial/engineering hazards
  • Technologic evolution
  • Extraterrestrial life
  • Monsters
  • Natural disaster
  • Societal hazards
  • Religious apocalypse
  • Supernatural disaster


Worlds's endings, Clara Deprez, 2019-2022
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